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We want the entire process of purchasing your exterior painting system to be worry-free for you. That’s why we have established high standards of performance for our materials and our installation crews. Here’s what you can expect when we arrive to perform the exterior painting system:


We assign a crew leader and a production manager to each job. Both of them will oversee your project. The crew leader will remain on the job site until the project is completed.


Our exterior painting crews are assigned to one project at a time. Some exterior painting projects are larger than others and the time to complete your project will depend on the size.

Our crews are polite and respectful of your privacy.


The exterior painting process is performed in an orderly and efficient manner.

Power washing ,scraping, cleaning and any other preparations will occur first.  

Any wood replacement will occur before those sections receive any primer or paint.

The first coat is a tinted primer unless a “self” priming product is used, such as PPG Porter Permanizer or Sherwin-Williams Duration.

PPG Porter Paints & Sherwin-Williams develop the quality primer and finish products that we use on your home, and although we prefer to brush and roll when possible, both manufacturers recommend we spray & back roll on certain areas due to coverage consistency vs. brushing and rolling.  We will use a combination of both applications.  We will apply both the primer and paint in accordance with their guidelines and thickness specifications to insure your warranties remain intact, and  that the paint job will last. Some of our competitors spray and back roll just enough to cover the surface.  Not so with us!

Once the project is complete, we conduct a thorough clean up and walk through.  

The JD Hostetter Exterior Painting Process